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So Your Content Strategy is on its Way to Reality—What’s Next?

This session’s focus is on next steps. The content strategy is completed and approved, you’ve purchased your tool set, you’ve implemented structured authoring and content, and you’re well on your way to making your strategy a reality. So what’s next? You can’t be done. You’re never done. The next step is constant improvement and you must plan it. In this session, attendees will learn about planning the next steps and what to consider. This session will discuss:

  • Metrics and measurements – Proving the ROI you said you’d get
  • Integrating other departments and company acquisitions
  • Streamlining processes and workflows
  • Implementing multi-channel publishing
  • Implementing on-demand publishing
  • Improving content quality
  • Generating revenue
  • Integrating customer research, feedback, and ideas into content
Implementing Structured Authoring and Content Management Globally

The organization involved in this case study a large software security company based in the UK. The main challenge was the budget constraints and then the decisions we had to make with the tools we implemented. We overcame the challenge by implementing cheaper tools, and then using a source control system for our repository. However, we made it work for the writers and the translation team. We really saved a lot of money in the end.

The presentation is based on one global DITA implementation/conversion which involved four different sites: UK, Germany, USA, and Canada. This conversion also involved translation into seven languages and working with an in-house translation team of 13. This presentation will focus on the goals of the project, the process that was used to achieve these goals, the good decisions that were made, the poor decisions that were made, the final outcome of the conversion, and the timeline and time involved to complete the conversion. This presentation will also provide cost-savings information as well as the tools and techniques that were chosen for this project because this project was done on a shoe-string budget. In this session, attendees will learn processes, learning experiences, lessons learned, and a typical budget for a large DITA implementation/conversion project. Also, learning from someone else’s mistakes is valuable.

This presentation has the following goals:

  • Present a case study on a global DITA implementation/conversion.
  • Provide an overview of the project goals.
  • Discuss the ways that these goals were achieved.
  • Discuss what went right and what went wrong and how we mitigated and fixed those things that went wrong.
  • Explain the final outcome of the project and the lessons that were learned.
  • Provide information around time involved to complete the project.
  • Include cost savings for the project and how the cost savings were determined.
  • Provide the metrics that were used to track improved processes and turnaround times.
  • Show the budget and then show the actual money spent on the project.

About Pam Noreault
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Pam NorealtPam Noreault has 21 years of experience in technical communications, education, and management. She specializes in content strategy, content conversions, SEO, and social networking strategies. She has a big interest in user assistance and customer involvement in content creation. She has an undergraduate degree in education from The Ohio State University and a master’s degree in English and Professional Writing from Wright State University. When not researching, trying out new technology, or trying to innovate in the business world, she’s hiking with her two dogs.