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Adaptive Content = Architecture + Process
(Minus a Healthy Dose of Reality)

Adaptive content is one of the most powerful and critical concepts of this decade. It is an attempt to address a never-before-seen diversity of content contexts and platforms, as well as sky-high user expectations. We are in an age where we’re already starting to bore with our smartphones. What were head-spinning miracles of science and technology less than three years ago “lack innovation” today. With customers assimilating new technologies into their lives and resetting expectations at this speed, the pressure to provide innovative, differentiating and strategically significant content experience is higher than ever. New platforms and interface paradigms are just around the corner. Adaptive content promises to help us address these challenges, but it still takes organisations years to adapt themselves. Noz Urbina focuses on how content architecture and process need to be altered for adaptive content, and what to do when reality sets in.

Storming the Castle: How to Reach Those Who Control the Power and Purse Strings

It seems sometimes like management engagement with your content strategy is like a great mystical prize sealed up in the highest tower of a maze-like castle; and there’s a huge moat; and the whole thing is on top of a mountain…

To actually reach it is a challenge that will in itself take a strategy, special tools (and weapons?), and a great mountain-climbing, maze-solving team.

Noz Urbina shares some of his experience on how we can get closer to our content strategy objectives by not falling at the first barrier: getting the necessary support to develop and implement it. Based on a career selling content strategies into a diverse range of organisations – from a few hundred staff to tens-of-thousands – some of his tips will involve judicious use of common sense, and others will be potentially surprising.  Learn how you can storm that castle, and claim your prize.

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About Noz Urbina
Senior Consultant, Mekon

Noz UrbinaNoz Urbina is a Senior Consultant, Trainer and Content Strategist for Mekon Ltd. During over a decade of activity in the content arena, he has provided services to Fortune 500 organisations and small-to-medium enterprises, often around DITA and XML management systems. His expertise is brought into projects for requirements analysis, management presentations, project planning and scoping, and tool selection support.

He is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world, delivering keynotes, training, talks and seminars on content strategy, technical communications and structured content best practices. Noz has held a number of business development, technical services, and sales positions where he was able to develop his expertise in a cutting-edge, efficiency driven, business context.