Presentations by Michael Meinhardt

Leveraging Cloud Technology to Streamline Your Content Marketing Translation Strategy

In this session, I will outline best practices and strategies to inform companies how to streamline the translation management process for global content marketing. Using world-renowned music discovery application Shazam as an example, attendees will learn how to leverage a new breed of Cloud applications to help global teams collaborate and streamline their content marketing strategy, as well as how to use new technology to measure marketing efforts to ensure effectiveness and determine ROI.

Cloudwords Helps Shazam Reach 150 Million Users in 200 Countries

The Problem: 

Shazam adds 1.5 million new subscribers to its music and television discovery app each week. The majority of their users is located overseas and communicates in 30 languages, making translation a high priority. However, translating large amounts of content and getting the tone right—everything from emails, website updates, app store descriptions and more—is challenging and time-consuming. When Shazam needs to launch an email campaign to communicate a new product launch in 30 languages, it means they need to manage 420 different email campaigns with different messaging.

The Solution:

It’s important for Shazam to move quickly while also maintaining the same tone to promote their brand across all audiences. Using Cloudwords, Shazam was able to identify a single, professional translator to “nail” their tone of voice and can manage the translation process from a single, cloud-based dashboard—a key component to their success. And with Cloudwords translation memory, approved, already-translated copy is ready to use when needed, a critical feature when pushing product updates to more than 150 million users in 200 countries.

About Michael Meinhardt

Michael MeinhardtWith more than 12 years of experience in the translation and localization industry, Michael Meinhardt, CEO and Co-founder of Cloudwords, helps companies go global by streamlining their translation strategy. Prior to Cloudwords, Meinhardt worked with organizations across various industries to localize their product, marketing, and training materials for the first time. He has also advised enterprise customers regarding their global translation strategy, including Cisco Systems, Hitachi Data Systems, Apple, and Symantec. Meinhardt is a graduate of Santa Clara University and earned his MBA from the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University. He enjoys speaking and writing about translation and localization efforts in a global economy.