Presentations by Megan Gilhooly

A 20-year Evolution with a Five-year Strategic Plan

As the new manager of technical communication in 2010, I inherited a team that was disrespected, documentation that was not trusted, and no budget to move content into the 21st century. In this session, attendees will learn how a strategic plan laid the groundwork for massive changes in content at INVIDI Technologies, moving the organization from 300 to 500-page PDF documents (old-school) to online knowledge base and learning management system in 4 short years. They will also learn how aligning strategies with other groups impacted our efforts, both positively and negatively, and what we would have done differently if we had it to do all over again!

About Megan Gilhooly
INVIDI Technologies

Megan GilhoolyMegan Gilhooly manages the Technical Communications team at INVIDI Technologies, a software company in the cable and satellite industry based in Denver, CO. Before coming to INVIDI, she worked as a consultant to various software companies, building technical communications products and processes. As a former online retail business owner, Megan brings a unique perspective to managing a technical communication team. She has an MS in Strategic Management, an MS in Journalism, and a Masters Certificate in Technical Communication.