Presentations by Matt Sullivan

Content Marketing: Pulling Your Content out from Under the Bushel Basket

You do great things. By now you’ve learned to create content that writes itself, updates itself, and has a bullet-proof structure model and meta information that absolutely rocks! It publishes everywhere, on-time, always, and in every known language. So why are you the only one who knows it? In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Stop creating/using content that does not further your company agenda.
  • Use content that generates buzz about your product.
  • Formulate a plan that reinforces your content message.
  • Identify content that meets your content marketing goals.
  • Identify content that provides value to your audience.
  • Identify appropriate channels for different types of content.
  • Create a community of peers that will carry your message forward.
  • Provide funnels from your content to convert onlookers to participants/customers.

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Matt SullivanMatt Sullivan is the author of the as well as co-author of Publishing Fundamentals: Unstructured FrameMaker 11. He’s a software junkie, with an Adobe Certified Trainer designation in 10 different Adobe Systems products related to publishing and e-learning. In fact, Matt has done so much conference and customer interface work at Adobe’s request that many people assume he’s an Adobe employee! Read more about Matt at