Presentations by Marya Devoto, Melanie Jennings, Leona Campbell

Socializing Content Creation

Before the social media revolution, technical writers struggled to coordinate multiple stakeholder groups in the enterprise to produce effective customer documentation. At Jive, where we both create and use social business community software, a rich set of social tools has provided unprecedented access to technical, business, and marketing content, increased buy-in from stakeholders across the company as well as from customers, improved overall quality, and decreased the time required to research, write, review, and publish help topics.

In this session, you will learn how to use:

  • Shared content spaces to leverage a wide range of experts as content creators and socialize technical content review
  • A team-branded online space to encourage content creation and discussion and improve professional visibility
  • A customer community forum to get direct feedback from customers about their documentation experience
  • Status updates in activity streams to let the company and/or specific departments and people know what we’re working on and how we’re contributing to business objectives
  • @ mentioning to pull in individual SMEs or teams of people to review content before publishing it, vet bug fixes, and generate ideas for documentation content
  • Likes, shares, and gamification to encourage social relationships and reward community participation
  • While our product provides all these capabilities from one collaboration platform, it’s possible to get similar results using some of the social tools available at your company, including freeware.

About Marya Devoto, Melanie Jennings, Leona Campbell
Jive Software

Leona CampbellLeona Beatrice Campbell has been writing technical documentation in Portland, Oregon for sixteen years, and now works at Jive Software as a Senior Documentation Engineer. She has an MA in Writing from PSU and co-founded PDX DITA.

Marya DevotoMarya DeVoto has written and designed technical documentation for network testing and marketing analytics software companies, and now manages the technical writing team at Jive Software. She holds degrees in English Literature from Tufts University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She co-founded PDX DITA.

Melanie Jennings is a Senior Documentation Engineer at Jive Software and co-founder of PDX DITA. Melanie has been writing technical and technical marketing content for over thirteen years for a variety of hardware and software companies. She earned a PhD in American Literature from UC San Diego.