Presentations by Marisa Peacock

Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Needs a Strong Listening Culture

A content strategy is usually only as good as a company’s listening culture. By creating a listening culture, a company will be able to listen to the trends and behaviors of its constituents so it can adjust decision-making processes to reflect and respond to what they hear. Working together, across departments companies can:

  • Audit its current workflow to understand how content is being created and shared
  • Improve content workflow so that processes can be streamlined and optimized
  • Leverage existing media for content development and curation
  • Choose the right online tools to help monitor online conversations across social media
  • Create and deliver reports, which share insights about conversations and necessary actions

In this session, participants will learn how to effectively work together with other departments so they can best optimize their content workflow to meet the needs of their audience across the right channels.

About Marisa Peacock
Business Strategist and Marketing Consultant, The Strategic Peacock

Marisa PeacockMarisa Peacock is a social business strategist and marketing consultant. With a strong background, experience and interest in emerging web, mobile and social technologies, design and multimedia, Marisa helps organizations create and implement online strategies that appropriately target the right audience with the right information using the right media. She is the principal and chief social business strategist for The Strategic Peacock, LLC.

In addition, Marisa is a senior reporter for, and an adjunct faculty at Maryland Institute College of Art teaching Social Media Marketing as a part of their Masters in Business of Art and Design program.

Marisa holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Mount Holyoke College and a graduate degree in American studies from Georgetown University. She resides in Arlington, VA.