Presentations by Lori Fisher

Transforming a Global Team from Content Developers to Solution Providers

Gone are the days when a writer’s day was spent telling users to “enter your name in the Name field.” Instead, we have grown as a profession, keeping up with changes in customer demographics and changes in publishing technology. We are on the brink of yet another evolutionary quantum leap that is reshaping the very core of our profession: transitioning from just “content developers” to “solution providers.”

Yet change never comes easy, especially not when you are leading a global team of content developers though a major process and paradigm shift. It takes strategic vision, C-level buy in and budgets to back it up. It takes strategic planning, infrastructure, retraining and the deft ability to overcome resistance to change.

In this keynote presentation, Lori Fisher, the Director of Information Management User Technology at IBM, shares how she is leading such a major transformation in her company: where they started, how they did it, and what’s next on the horizon.

LavaCon Keynote #7:Lori Fisher, IBM: A Leap in Value Evolution: from “Developing Content” to “Solving Business Problems” from LavaCon Conference on Vimeo.

About Lori Fisher
Director of Information Management User Technology, IBM

Laurie Fisher

Lori Fisher is the Director of Information Management User Technology at IBM. She is a leader in the corporate-wide Information Development Advisory Council and co-chair of the IBM-wide User Experience Executive Council. Lori developed and has taught two of the core courses in a certificate program in Advanced Technical Communication at University of California Extension for almost two decades. Lori served a 2-year term as Secretary of STC on the international STC Board of Directors. She is a Fellow of STC in the Silicon Valley Chapter.