Presentations by Les Burnham and Helen St. Denis

Converting Legacy Content to DITA Doesn’t Have To Be Complex, Slow, and Expensive

Looking to convert your legacy content to DITA? Traditional best practices suggest that you need to clearly understand beforehand what content you want to convert, and when. And the more time you can spend preparing your content upfront, the more straightforward the conversion process will be. However, even the best laid plans can quickly become de-railed as the inconsistencies and peculiarities of your existing documents become apparent during the conversion process. We will consider these issues and show just how quick, easy and affordable conversion to DITA can be using the Migrate cloud conversion service, placing documentation teams in full control of the conversion process.

About Les Burnham and Helen St. Denis
Stilo International

Les BurnhamLes Burnham, the CEO and joint-founder of Stilo International, has overseen the development and marketing of SGML/XML content processing technologies and solutions for many years, across industry sectors including publishing, aerospace and defence, high-tech, engineering and government. He initiated the development of the Migrate cloud content conversion service to address the conversion requirements of small and medium enterprises through to large corporations including IBM, Cisco, Tibco and Varian Medical Systems.

Les holds a BSc. Jnt. Hons degree in Mathematics and Operational Research from Leeds University, studied Computer Science and Statistics as an undergraduate, undertook a sponsored MBA programme at Cranfield School of Management, and recently completed studies in Philosophy at Oxford University.

Helen St-DenisHelen St. Denis originally joined Stilo as a technical editor in the documentation team, and now works closely with our Migrate customers, helping to analyze their legacy content, configure dedicated conversion portals and provide training and support on an ongoing basis. Over a period of several years she has helped to convert many thousands of pages from Framemaker, Word, RoboHelp and InDesign files to DITA and other XML formats.

Helen holds a BA in English from St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and has pursued graduate studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.