Presentations by Laura Blaydon

Using Competitive and Market Assessment to Shape Your Content Strategy

Most organizations today are facing an increasingly competitive global market, requiring greater brand and product differentiation than ever before. In this environment, assessment of competitor content offerings provides valuable insights that can be leveraged when creating near- and long-term content strategies. Whether highlighting opportunities for creating newcontent, repositioning current offerings or completely overhauling content, competitive assessment enables content strategists to provide specific, targeted recommendations that can transform a brand and win the hearts and minds of consumers.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to identify organizations that could benefit from competitive and/or market review
  • What resources are needed to conduct comprehensive and “quick-hit” assessments
  • What outcomes to expect, and how to position findings for maximum audience impact
  • How to develop and prioritize recommendations to inform a strategic content plan

About Laura Blaydon
Senior Manager, Content Strategy at SapientNitro

Laura BlaydonLaura Blaydon is the Senior Manager of Content Strategy at SapientNitro in Chicago. A former newspaper reporter, Laura entered the world of digital publishing in the late ‘90s and found a home in the web content community. For the past 12 years, she has led digital content strategy teams for major brands including HSBC, Sears and Allstate. With a focus on both experience enhancing and efficiency-driving aspects of content strategy and content management, Laura takes a comprehensive approach to support client and audience needs. She’s also known for having an “eagle eye” and an encyclopedic knowledge of AP Style.