Jose Sermeno

It All Comes Down to Return on Investment (ROI): How Smart Companies have a Content Strategy to Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

As “content strategy” supplants “responsive design” as the latest buzzword in technical communication – understanding how to effectively increase ROI from your process and tools is essential.  Reducing support costs, cutting project development time, and simplifying your translation workflow are just a few objectives companies strive for when implementing a sound content development strategy. Join Jose Sermeno of MadCap Software as he spotlights major trends and showcases case studies from companies utilizing concepts of single source development, topic-based writing, social collaboration and translation management to increase ROI and be successful content developers.

About Jose Sermeno

JoseSermenoWith over 10 years of experience in the software industry, Jose Sermeno brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the product evangelist team, helping introduce new users to everything MadCap Software. In his spare time, Jose is the Project Director for San Diego City Robotics, the San Diego community college robotics program, and enjoys working in digital systems design and open source hardware development. Prior to joining MadCap in late 2010, Jose ran a Drupal development shop, and was an application manager for Temple University Health System.