Presentations by Jennifer DeAngelo and Allison Joyce

Dell’s Content Assessment Hero League

The Content Assessment Hero League fought the evil of increasing costs of content authoring and localization by using the super powers of strategy, reuse, and automation technology. We’ll take a look behind the masks at our heroes’ identities (Experis and Acrolinx), and how they prepared for their fight with the right tools (strategy, process, and software)—and won.

Content Audit in Three Simple Steps

Performing a content audit might sound scarier than it is. To help fight that trepidation in the hearts of communicators and marketers everywhere, we break down the content audit process into three simple steps:

  1. Ask the right questions. What are your business objectives? Who are your target personas? Are you reaching them at all stages of the buying process?
  2. Assess your content. Using a straightforward grid, you can take an inventory of all the content you have created – and see where the holes are in your communication arsenal.
  3. Correct the imbalance. Start creating the content you need, based on your work in Step 2. Fill in the gaps for your most critical personas along the buying process.

Along the way, we’ll talk about best practices in content creation and touch on ways to reuse content to make your job easier.

About Jennifer DeAngelo and Allison Joyce
Experis Global Content Solutions

Allison JoyceAllison Joyce offers a well-rounded perspective on content creation and management, with more than 20 years of experience in the field. In her role at Experis Global Content Solutions, Allison leads the practice’s marketing and communications efforts, managing initiatives in all aspects of content strategy and creation, including social media, online marketing and advertising, website management, and analytics.

Before joining Experis, Allison served as Online Communications Manager at Direct Relief International, a medical aid nonprofit, where she crafted and delivered complete communications campaigns for major emergency responses, including the 2011 Japan Tsunami, the 2010 Haiti earthquake, and others.

With a B.A. in English from UCLA, Allison served as a top-level editor at Islands, Westways, and Orange Coast magazines before moving into the online world.

Jennifer DeAngeloJennifer DeAngelo, a Project Manager and content authoring subject matter expert for Experis Global Content Solutions, offers a wealth of expertise in project management, process improvement, strategic planning, technical authoring, eLearning, editing, and training development. Well versed in managing complex projects to deliver on-time and onbudget, Jennifer brings both leadership, strategic thinking, and collaboration skills to her projects.

Before joining the Experis team, Jennifer held a range of positions of increasing responsibility at InfoTrust Group, Inc. (ITG). As Program Manager, she managed client need assessments, oversaw resource utilization, and administered a $2 million training budget. In her Project Manager role, she spearheaded a 15-week project in Alzenau, Germany, which she delivered at 50% below budget, and led a 12-week project to produce technical manuals for a client in the semiconductor industry. As a technical writer and instructional design developer, Jennifer delivered quality content for a range of technical documents and web-based courses.

With a B.A. in Communications from Grand Canyon University and membership in the Project Management Institute, Jennifer enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. Most recently, Jennifer spoke with industry leaders Val Swisher (Content Rules), Scott Abel (Content Wrangler), and PG Bartlett (Acrolinx) on the trends in global communications, and published an article on optimizing content for a global audience (TC World, May 2012). In her spare time, Jennifer blogs about content on