Presentations by Jason Kaufman

Keeping Content Health and Quality in Check

Measuring what’s working, what isn’t, and acting on this critical information is what drives the continuous optimization of your content. Focusing your quality program roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities is the key to simplifying your workload and lowering costs.

In this session, we will demonstrate how to:

  • Establish your Article Quality Index (AQI) to measure the success of your content quality program.
  • Determine your Article Utility Index (AUI), what content is valid AND valuable.
  • Manage your Content Validity Check (CVC) Project(s).
  • Identify and track improvement opportunities (Flagging) and enhancements (Fixing) on an ongoing basis.

About Jason Kaufman

Jason KaufmanJason Kaufman – CEO & Founder of Irrevo. For over 15 years, Jason has helped global enterprises implement knowledge programs, systems, and best practices to reduce support costs, improve overall customer experience, and drive online support success. Jason founded Irrevo with the mission to optimize support content to enhance customer and user experiences for all businesses everywhere.