Presentations by Jackie Damrau and Joe Gollner

Streamlining Content Processes with Structured Business Process Modeling

In 2012, we presented “Documenting Business Processes Online using One Tool” that excited the audience to view project documentation in a different light. This year, I’d like to continue the discussion by sharing more information about how Structured Business Process Modeling helps business analysts, developers, and QA testers to see the requirements in a graphical form. Structured Business Process Modeling requires an attention to detail to show not only the “happy path” of a requirement, but to identify the many decision paths that a customer may encounter when accessing your Web site or using your specific digital media device.

In this presentation, I’ll cover the different modeling approaches and the business process level architecture pyramid, show an example of each level of the pyramid, cover the common notation used in two standards-based modeling methods: EPC (Event-driven Process Chain) and BPMN (Business Process Management Notation), and conclude by sharing where one can gain more information in the world of business process management.

About Jackie Damrau and Joe Gollner
ARIS Trainer—The Americas at Software AG USA, Inc / Director of Gnostyx Research

Joe GollnerJoe Gollner is the Director of Gnostyx Research Inc., a company he founded to help organizations come to grips with their content in ways that are sustainable and scalable. His particular specialty revolves around leveraging open standards and intelligent content technologies to build solutions that connect the myriad of sources and processes that underlie how an enterprise performs and what it publishes. Along this line, he has led over 100 content management initiatives during the last twenty years, with several of these representing the high water mark in the industry for sophistication and scale.

Among these projects are some of the first business applications of the web, starting in 1992. His customers have tended to exhibit a distinctively technical bent. Examples include Boeing, NATO Headquarters, Xerox, HP, Nokia, Samsung and the Russian Academy of Science.

Jackie DamrauJackie Damrau is an ARIS Trainer for Global Education Services—The Americas at Software AG USA, Inc. She has more than 20 years of technical communication experience. She is a Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication (STC), member of the STC Lone Star Community and the Instructional Design & Learning SIG, general manager of the STC International Summit Awards, and the Book Review Editor for Technical Communication. Jackie enjoys reading literature and philosophy. Find her on LinkedIn ( or Twitter (@damrauja).