Presentations by Eric Freese

Converting, Warehousing and Distributing Your Commercial Content

In the past traditional publishers were the primary content creators and book stores the primary distributors. In this day, almost every organization is a content creator, responsible for distributing content to an often wide-ranging audience. Eric will discuss the process of preparing content for electronic delivery across a wide range of platforms through creation or conversion. Options for managing electronic versions and applying the appropriate metadata for distribution and increased discoverability will also be discussed.

Migrating Content to Enhanced eBooks

As more and more rely on their mobile devices for access to online content, organizations are looking at these platforms in new ways.  The eBook reader is often a logical target platform.  However, there are differing standards and channels available, each with differing capabilities.  This makes choosing the right platform even more challenging.  This tutorial will discuss the various standards and platforms, highlighting the opportunities for delivering enhanced content and the challenges that a content creator might face in migrating to these platforms.  We will also discuss which enhancements make sense for different types of content in order to help content owners make wise decisions before spending a large budget for content users will never access.

About Eric Freese

Eric FreeseEric Freese has a rich background in publishing production within a variety of industries, from technical publications and defense, to legal, to education. From the early days of SGML, he has worked as a consultant, software developer and content architect. As the Senior Product and Technology Development Manager at codeMantra, he is involved in setting product strategy and direction and managing continued expansion of the collectionPoint platform and its host of supporting modules and applications. In this role he oversees all product development efforts and technology initiatives and works with clients to ensure that their requirements are met.