Presentations by David Laux and Loren Davidson

How Oracle Uses Video to Promote New Features and Functionality

Oracle and EPM System Information Development teams create three- to-five minute Video Feature Overviews to provide recorded demonstrations of new and enhanced functionality in Oracle applications. Customers can find the links to Video Feature Overviews in online help, release notes, press releases, Oracle’s social media feeds including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, Oracle technical blogs, articles, and presentations. These successful videos generate thousands of weekly hits on YouTube. The presenters for this session have created more than fifty Video Feature Overviews that are available from the My Oracle Support platform and YouTube.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The business case for Video Feature Overviews: from the initial concept to their uses in marketing materials, documentation, and training. We’ll also discuss the advantages of in-house production over using a video production company, such as cost, time-to-completion, and existing product familiarity.
  • The ecological niche for our videos: Filling the gap between high level marketing materials and product tutorials.
  • How Oracle and EPM identified a need and began creating videos to fill it.
  • The tools Oracle Information Development uses to create videos, and why they were chosen.
  • Creating quality videos with no budget and in less time than commercial studios.
  • How we create our videos.
    • Determining the requirements and scoping—”What do the stakeholders want?”
    • Creating a script.
    • Recording narrations and demonstrations.
    • Editing and producing your video content.
    • Publishing and promoting, or getting your video in front of your audience.

About David Laux and Loren Davidson

Loren DavidsonA 21-year veteran in technical communications, Dave Laux has been creating videos for PeopleSoft products for the last two years, demonstrating new features for the PeopleSoft application software. For the 10 years prior to that, he created product training courses and documentation for several PeopleSoft applications. In addition to creating videos, Dave established the guidelines and processes now in place for other writers to create videos for new features and he is training other technical communicators to create more Video Feature Overviews.

With a Master’s in Business Administration and over 15 years technical writing experience, Loren Davidson has been creating videos for Oracle EPM System products for almost two years. Prior to and concurrent with this, Loren creates and maintains product documentation including reference manuals and online help systems as a lead information developer for several EPM System products. Loren is also a senior STC member.