Presentations by Char James-Tanny

Creating Accessible User Interfaces with ARIA and HTML5

You’re reading a tweet, or a Facebook or LinkedIn status update, or an email that includes a link. You click the link and a browser tab opens. You read the information, and then continue on. But what do you do if after you click the link, nothing appears? What do you do if your mouse stops working (or you can’t use it, perhaps because of a broken arm), and nothing happens when you press the TAB key? How do you get the information? How do you navigate? For many people who use screen readers or who can’t use the mouse because of mobility issues, these are common occurrences. But with some changes to the underlying code, you can create web pages that can be used by anyone, even those using older browsers.

During this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • About the differences between HTML4 and HTML5
  • How to create a basic HTML5 page
  • What ARIA is
  • About ARIA roles, properties, and states
  • How to set up keyboard navigation
  • How to create an accessible menu
  • How to create a slider
  • How to create a form
  • How to create a data table
  • Getting more information about ARIA

About Char James-Tanny
President, JTF Associates, Inc.

Char James-TannyChar James-Tanny, President of JTF Associates, Inc., has more than thirty years of experience as a technical communicator. She has created and edited documentation and Office-based templates for clients including Honda Corporation, Ipswitch, NFC Forum, Oracle, PepsiCo, Red Hat, Toshiba, and more. Char speaks around the world on topics including accessibility, Help authoring concepts and tools, social media, web standards, collaboration, and technology.

Char is the Primary Coordinator for the annual Boston Accessibility Unconference, a member of the Boston Accessibility Group, an Invited Expert for the W3C HTML Working Group (AAPI Task Force), and has been a Microsoft MVP since 2002. She has written four books (three about proprietary software applications and one about virtual collaboration).