Presentations by Autumn Cuellar

What you Need to Know About the Math Stack: MathML, MathJax, HTML5, and EPUB 3

MathML is a well-known and widely-used standard for encoding mathematics within XML workflows, but what you may not know is that MathML is not just a standard that affects your internal workflow, used only for storage and converted to images when you need to present your content to your audience.

MathML is a key part of the digital publishing revolution towards enriched content. Its recent inclusion into the HTML5 and EPUB 3 standards is helping to bring to fruition the promise of interactive content for math-based industries around the world. In this session, attendees will learn how the Math Stack, consisting of MathML, MathJax, HTML5, and EPUB 3, can enhance your math content in this exciting digital publishing era.

About Autumn Cuellar
Associate Product Manager, Design Science, Inc.

Autumn CuellarAutumn Cuellar is the Associate Product Manager at Design Science, where she works with publishers, engineers, educators, and programmers to implement MathML in XML publishing workflows. Before joining Design Science, Autumn was a researcher at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, developing CellML, an XML language for describing biological models, and associated metadata and ontologies.