Presentations by Ann Rockley

Creating a Unified Content Strategy

Content Marketing is gaining recognition as more and more consumers tune out the cacophony of marketing and social media. Providing consumers with high-value content, versus a hard-sell, is gaining more customers and establishing corporate credibility and expertise.

While organizations can outsource their content marketing development, most organizations have a treasure trove of good content at their fingertips; they just need to know how to find and leverage it.

This workshop will provide hands-on understanding of how to:

  • Map customer needs to the rich sources of content being generated across the
  • Define a content strategy that supports your customer from interest to acquisition, to long-term strong brand loyalty.
  • Develop structured content models that enable you to adapt your content to multiple audiences, multiple channels, and multiple devices.

Participants will walk away with a clear set of guidelines for creating a unified content marketing strategy that supports your customers anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

About Ann Rockley
President, The Rockley Group

ann_rockleyAnn Rockley is President of The Rockley Group, Inc. She has an international reputation for developing multichannel content strategies and digital publishing solutions. She has been instrumental in establishing the field in eContent, content reuse, intelligent content strategies for multiplatform delivery, eBooks, and content management best practices. Rockley is a frequent contributor to trade and industry publications and a keynote speaker at numerous conferences in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Ann led Content Management Professionals, an international organization that fosters the sharing of content management information, practices, and strategies to a prestigious eContent 100 award in 2005. Known as the “mother” of content strategy, she introduced the concept of content strategy with her best-selling book, Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy, now in its second edition. She is also the primary author for DITA 101 and eBooks 101.