Presentations by Andrew Thomas

The Common Wisdom: Reality-Based Notes from the DITA Underground

Last year at LavaCon, I presented some ideas that confronted the common wisdom still in place for many companies. This year we’ll take a fresh look at the new common sense emerging around structured content. Does print still matter? Do page or word counts? Is DITA delivering on its promise of automated publishing, lower costs, and reusable content? Is social content actually important? And what does tech pubs have to do with customer experience really? Isn’t it all just a bunch of marketing hype? I’ll give some updates on how far we’ve come in a year, and we can try to answer these questions together.

About Andrew Thomas
Product Marketing Director, SDL Content Management Technologies

Andrew ThomasAndrew Thomas is the Product Marketing Director for Structured Content Technologies at SDL. Andrew has worked with XML for a wide variety of content, from marketing materials, to printed manuals and web applications. He has witnessed firsthand the diversity of structured content and how it can empower businesses and customer engagement. Before joining SDL, Andrew was a language intelligence solutions manager for Adobe Systems and oversaw the translation process for their DITA content.