Presentations by Alyson Riley

Driving Enterprise Content Strategy with Only Guerilla Staff

Can you do content strategy without a formal team or mission? Can you do content strategy with no funding? Even if you’ve only got a guerilla content staff, you can do great things with your content strategy and build a business case for investment in your company’s information experience. Savvy stakeholder management, the intelligent use of metrics, and a collaborative, community-based approach will get you far. In this session, Alyson will explore techniques to lead with a common vision and set of goals, break down organizational barriers, navigate tricky political waters, drive change with metrics, and grow IA skills. She’ll also share a few stories from the trenches to show these concepts in practice.

About Alyson Riley

Alyson RileyAlyson-Kathleen Riley’s mother swears that her first word was actually a complete sentence, and she began her career as an information architect shortly thereafter by developing various organization and classification schemes for her plastic dinosaurs. She now works as a senior information architect and strategist on IBM’s corporate information strategy team and has more than 17 years of experience in technical communication.

Alyson serves as the corporate lead for IBM’s information architecture council, drives IBM corporate-level efforts to define the next generation of user experiences with technical content, chairs IBM’s corporate customer council, and consults with IBM content teams worldwide to develop effective information strategies. Alyson has B.S. and M.S. degrees in Scientific and Technical Communication from the University of Minnesota. She also co-authors with Andrea Ames the regular column, “The Strategic IA,” featured in STC’s Intercom magazine. Find Alyson on Linkedin and follow her on Twitter @ahyphenk.