Presentations by Alexander Berman

Managing Two Worlds: Supporting Multi-Channel Publishing with a Single Source of Content

The publishing industry is becoming more and more digital every day. Even so publishing houses still have to support a large number of customers who prefer print products. Can they do both without compromising quality? Yes! Kaplan Publishing, the publishing arm of the world leader in test preparation, is undergoing that same transition to digital processes today. Come learn how Kaplan Publishing is building out a digital production process and how it can inform your own efforts.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How historical publishing workflows are breaking down
  • The steps we took in building an effective and multi-channel digital production process
  • How implementing this process will save your company significant resource hours and
  • headaches
  • The advantages of creating a single canonical source for your content
  • Real outcomes from our own implementations in 2013

About Alexander Berman
Content Manager, Kaplan Publishing

Alexander BermanAlexander Berman is the Content Manager at Kaplan Publishing, the trade publishing group within Kaplan Test Prep, the world leader in test preparation. Alexander has been a key component in the ongoing implementation of DITA XML at Kaplan, and plays a key role in Kaplan’s evolving content management and digital production process initiatives.