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What to do in Portland

“Portland…is America’s new food Eden, a confluence of every fertile trend in contemporary gastronomy.” – TIME Magazine

Portland Art Museum

Five exhibits will be available at the Portland Art Museum. Two of the featured exhibits are described below.

You can view “The Question of Hope” exhibit, which features seventy photographs—many never before exhibited or published—that demonstrate Robert Adams’ reverence for the Western Oregon region’s limited natural resources, imploring us to face the politically and emotionally charged practice of forest clearcutting and to seek redemption along the Oregon Coast.

The Legendary Samurai exhibit is a special dossier presentation from the Museum’s holdings and a local private collection brings together 25 prints that vividly call to life the legendary warriors of the past. Not all images of derring-do on the battlefield, many of these prints are poignant portraits of the solitary soldier, contemplating his life on the night before combat or fleeing from defeat. Before the dawn of movies and television, prints both shaped and reflected the collective memory of the samurai. In addition to the dossier presentation in the Brantley Gallery, the Japanese galleries will feature art works that cast light on samurai history and the roles of samurai as both artists and patrons.

Portland Farmers Market at Portland State University (Saturday, 19 October 2013 ONLY)

The Saturday Market is located at Portland State University in the South Park Blocks between SW Hall & SW Montgomery. A close street address to this market is 1717 SW Park Avenue.

During October, the market is open from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. – you can see the interactive market map (make sure you select the 10/19/13 market date in the dropdown).

Portland Center for the Performing Arts

Portland Center for the Performing Arts (PCPA) is your premier arts and entertainment venue in the Pacific Northwest.

PCPA comprises three buildings:

  • Antoinette Hatfield Hall, containing Dolores Winningstad Theatre, Newmark Theatre, and Brunish Theatre at 1111 SW Broadway at Main.
  • Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall at 1037 SW Broadway at Main.
  • Keller Auditorium on SW 3rd Ave, between Market and Clay.

The Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall is a short distance from the Hilton. The Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall has some cool architectural features, including the awning ceiling outside.

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The Moody Blues are playing at the Keller Auditorium on Monday, October 21. Tickets are available through the Find Tickets link, with ticket prices between $49.50 and $109.50.

The Newmark Theatre has a free lecture (tickets are required, order through the Find Tickets link on the URL) from Dr. Nathan Wolfe on Tuesday, 22 October 2013. Dr. Wolfe is talking about microbes for the 2013 Saward Lecture, hosted by the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research.

Uniquely Portland Landmarks

Voodoo Doughnuts: Amazing doughnut concoctions, including the Maple Bacon bar. The Voodoo Portland Crème is the official Doughnut of the city. It is a raised bismarck with cream filling and a chocolate top with an added feature that distinguishes our doughnut from all others, which are two eyes. Just remember, Voodoo is a CASH ONLY store, though they have an ATM on site. And the lines are long! The closest Voodoo location: 22 SW 3rd Avenue (at the corner of Ankeny)

Grimm TV Series filming locations: You can check out some of the local areas where the tv series Grimm films, using the Season 1 and Season 2 maps. One of the locations is the Multnomah County Medical Examiner’s office:

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Portlandia statue: Portlandia is a sculpture by Raymond Kaskey located above the entrance of Michael Graves’ Portland Building in downtown Portland, Oregon, at 1120 SW 5th Avenue. It is the second-largest copper repoussé statue in the United States, after the Statue of Liberty. (Credit: Wikipedia)
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Benson bubblers: You’ll see a lot of these water fountains around downtown Portland and the Pearl District, as well as some scattered other areas. There are 40 in the Portland area, and one in Portland’s sister city of Sapporo, Japan.

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Transportation Options

MAX Light Rail

MAX runs every 15 minutes or better most of the day, every day. Service is less frequent in the early morning, mid-day and evening. There are 4 lines:

  • Blue Line  (Hillsboro/City Center/Gresham)
  • Green Line (Clackamas/City Center/PSU)
  • Red Line (Airport/City Center/Beaverton)
  • Yellow Line (Expo Center/City Center/PSU)

The Portland Hilton is 1 block from the Pioneer Square South stop and is considered to be in the “City Center” area.

If you’re planning on taking the MAX light rail from PDX airport, you will take the Red Line. The Red line stops at the Pioneer Square North stop coming from PDX. You will need to walk two blocks to the Hilton.

Here are some things to know about PDX airport service on MAX:

  • The trip to/from downtown Portland takes about 38 minutes and costs $2.50 for Adults 18-64, $1 for Honored Citizens and $1.65 for Youth. This is the cost for a 2 hour ticket.
  • You can easily roll your luggage on board.
  • The first train of the day arrives at PDX at 4:44 a.m. on weekdays and 4:45 a.m. on weekends. The last train departs PDX at 11:49 p.m., daily.
  • The MAX station and ticket machines are located near baggage claim on the lower level. View airport map (flypdx.com)

TriMet has a 2 minute video on YouTube for how to take MAX light rail from PDX. Video

For information on how to ride MAX light rail, see the TriMet TV video  (interactive transcript provided) or step-by-step directions.

Fare information:

  • 2 hour ticket: $2.50 (A 2-Hour Ticket lets you ride buses, MAX Light Rail, WES Commuter Rail and Portland Streetcar for up to 2 hours.)
  • 1-Day Pass: $5 (A 1-Day Pass lets you travel anywhere in the Portland area on buses, MAX Light Rail, WES Commuter Rail and Portland Streetcar—all day long. You can get a day pass for just twice the cost of a single ticket. )
  • 7-Day Pass: $26 (A 7-Day Pass lets you travel anywhere in the Portland area on buses, MAX Light Rail, WES Commuter Rail and Portland Streetcar—for seven days. Valid for 7 consecutive calendar days (starting with the date of purchase). 7-Day Passes are pre-validated for immediate use.)

Portland Streetcar

If you want an easy way to see some of the Portland areas, take the Streetcar. It is not advisable to take your luggage on the Streetcar, as oversized packages or articles that will block aisles, doorways, or stairways are not allowed.

TriMet fares are valid on the streetcar.

Portland Streetcar runs two lines. The NS Line runs from NW 23rd to the South Waterfront and the CL Line runs from SW Market along 10th and 11th to the Pearl District, across the Broadway Bridge, along Broadway, Weidler, 7th, MLK and Grand to the Rose Quarter, Lloyd District, Convention Center, Central Eastside and OMSI. There’s a service alert in effect for the CL line through Sunday, October 20: In order to allow crews to expand the OMSI Streetcar platform and build the connections to the new TriMet Transit Bridge, CL Line Service will operate using the Stephens Turnback with a bus shuttle running from SE MLK & Mill to two locations along SE Water and back to SE MLK & Mill. Riders will transfer between streetcar and the bus at the streetcar platform at SE MLK & Mill. Bus shuttle map.

Getting on and off the Streetcar

  • The Streetcar does NOT stop at every stop automatically. You MUST signal the operator by pushing the vertical or horizontal yellow strip on the high floor section of the car, or push the buttons on the door prior to the platform you are requesting.
  • The Streetcar will stop for passengers only at stop platforms.
  • Streetcars have low floors for easy boarding of wheelchairs. The operator watches platforms for passengers using mobility devices and deploys an automated ramp as needed. When on-board the streetcar, a ramp request button may be pushed prior to the next stop.
  • Streetcars are air-conditioned.
  • Guide dogs and companion animals are allowed on leash only.

Fare Pricing:

  • Streetcar Fare: $1.00
    • Valid for 2 hours on Streetcar Only
  • TriMet Fares will be available for purchase from ticket machines and will be valid on Streetcar and TriMet for 2 hours.
    • All Day Fare: $5.00
    • Flat Fare1: $2.50
    • Honored Citizen2 Fare: $1.00 (This will be the same button as the Streetcar Only Fare)
    • Youth3 Fare: $1.65 (Available only at platform ticket machines)

Lucky Limousine and Towncar, LLC

PDX to Hotel Pricing:

  • Sedans: $71.80 With Greeter in baggage $106.80
  • SUV: $90.70 With Greeter in baggage $125.70
  • 8-14 VAN: $128.50 with greeter in baggage $163.50
  • 15-33 Mini Bus: $241.88 With Greeter in baggage $276.88

Hotel to PDX Pricing: Subtract $2.50 for Sedans, SUVS and Executive Vans, subtract $18 for Mini bus

Shuttle service Hourly (3 hour minimum in Mini-buses):

  • 1st 3 hours $483.75, additional hours after 3 hours $77.40
  • 3.0 hours= $483.75
  • 5.5 hours service =$677.25
  • 4.5 hours service =$599.85

All pricing includes gratuity.

Please visit our website, www.besolucky.com, to view our fleet.  Our vehicles are detailed daily and our chauffeurs are experienced and professionally attired in black suits. If you would like detailed pricing, please contact us at 503-254-0010 or toll free at 866-844-0010 or by e-mail at bonni@besolucky.com.