About LavaCon

LavaCon was started in 2002 in Hawaii (hence our name) so attendees can get away from back-to-back deadlines and de-stress long enough to take care of their corporate and professional development.

Our Mission

To produce quality educational conferences where attendees learn innovative ways to reduce costs, generate revenue and adapt to market changes.

To attract and engage the next generation of tech-savvy customers, we must do more than just write content. We must create an information experience that delivers exactly what the consumer wants, while also supporting strategic business objectives.

That takes an effective content strategy—and really, really smart use of available resources.

Jack Molisani, Executive Director

About the Organizer

Jack Molisani has been a project officer in the Space Division of the United States Air Force, a project manager in a multi-million dollar software company and currently is the president of ProSpring Technical Staffing, a technical staffing company specializing in engineers, technical project managers and technical writers.

Jack has a BSE in Computer Engineering from Tulane University in New Orleans and is a Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication.

A dynamic and entertaining speaker, Jack has spoken on technical communication, project management and career development to more than 50 organizations and chapters in the US and Europe.

Need a speaker for your event? You can reach Jack at jack@lavacon.org or 866-302-5774, ext 201.