Presentations by Aaron Fulkerson

Making the Shift from Product Help to Exceptional Product Experience

In this session, Aaron Fulkerson, Founder and CEO at MindTouch, will explore what it takes to deliver great customer experience. The topics covered during this presentation include:

  • Creating a global, multi-channel help experience
  • Deploying a killer product experience systemin days not months
  • Increasing the SEO value around your product experience
  • Using machine learning to optimize content organization and search results
  • Empowering customers, partners and more



About Aaron Fulkerson

Aaron Fulkerson

Aaron Fulkerson, as CEO of MindTouch, Aaron has grown the company from a small free, open source project into a widely respected brand in social business software with millions of users around the globe and an impressive list of customers. He was a member of Microsoft’s Advanced Strategies and Policies division where he worked on distributed systems research reporting to Microsoft Chief Strategy Officer, Craig Mundie. Aaron has also helped launch several non-profits and businesses outside the software industry.

He also has been a contributing writer at CNN, Fortune, Gigaom, ReadWriteWeb, TechWeb, CMSWire and Forbes Magazine. He has been tapped by the White House to inform national education policy and he has been invited to the e-G8 to inform international technology policy. He is a sought after and dynamic public speaker who has presented at dozens of technology and business conferences. Aaron graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a BS in Computer Science. You can find Aaron on Linkedin ( and Twitter (