“Why Can’t We Just Use Word?”

For many years, Crowell Solutions has been helping enterprises with their Content Management Solutions development and deployments. With every deployment there came change; new tools, processes and procedures. Change management and adoption was vital to the success of every project, success was reliant not only on people learning how to use the new tools and understanding the concepts of structured content, but as well in their ability to embrace the changes and put those changes into practice.

If we only had a dollar for every time we heard…

  • “Why can’t we do this in Word?”
  • “This would be so much easier for my team if we could use Word.”
  • “Word can handle XML, can’t it?”

The number of requests inspired us to devote some R&D time to the issue. We quickly found that not only could we build an XML editor in Word, we could make a robust XML editor capable of doing everything that current XML editors do with several added bonus, including the most important one: It’s easy.

In this session, Don Smith from Crowell Solutions will show you just how easy it is to create DITA documents and templates in RocketSled, an XML editor in Word, and produce true WYSIWYG output, another XML first.

Donald Smith
Donald Smith
Crowell Solutions

Donald Smith, Ph.D, serves as Senior Vice President for Crowell Solutions. Don has over 10 years experience designing and implementing data models for XML-based systems. Don's work has spanned a range of industries, including publications, aerospace, defense intelligence, and automotive. He possesses expertise in XML Schema and RDF/OWL information design. Don's current passion is in evangelizing RocketSled™, our full-featured XML editor that operates in MS Word.