Using Internal Resources to Coordinate a Multi-Language Information Management System

This session will present my Technical Communication department’s ongoing efforts to manage our global Knowledge Management System (KMS) and the eight languages that we currently support.

I will present on the successes and setbacks that I encounter as a technical writer who develops content in English and then coordinates the translations to the other supported languages. My company does not outsource translations; it uses internal and external translators (e.g., employees in global offices) to localize content to their specific markets. The session will explain this process and discuss how a technical writer can successfully coordinate global translations using an IMS.

Fer O'Neil
Fer O'Neil
ESET North America

Fer O’Neil is a Knowledgebase Technical Writer at a security software company in San Diego, California. His company currently has offices on five continents and translates support documentation into eight languages. He is presently working toward an MA in English, Technical Communications degree at Minnesota State University, Mankato.