Doing More with Less: Meeting Your Content Creation Needs with FrameMaker 11

Content development managers today have to  manage the tremendous changes happening in the industry including migration to structured/XML authoring, making content available on mobile devices (which are becoming more and more ubiquitous), and a pressing need to do more with less!

On the one hand, many companies are realizing the benefits of structured, topic-based authoring as migrating to topic-based structured/XML content can result in significant cost savings and return on investment (ROI). However, there are several factors managers should consider that, depending on the decisions made, can significantly dilute or further enhance the ROI of the move to structured authoring.

On the other hand, mobile is posing important questions to content managers around the consumer need to access content from anywhere on any device. Lastly, in today’s challenging economic environment, there is increasing pressure on today’s technical communicators to do more with fewer resources!

In this session, Kapil Verma, Sr. Product Manager (FrameMaker line of products) will discuss how you can deal with these challenges arming yourself with FrameMaker 11 and related line of products. In this session, you will have an opportunity to learn about the recently launched FrameMaker 11 version and what’s new in this release, with several hands on product demos.

You will also see how you can leverage the product’s new capabilities to create and manage content faster, better; distribute it to a wide variety of devices; and be more productive in your daily activities.

Kapil Verma
Kapil Verma
Adobe Systems