Mark is the author of the DITA Metrics 101 book that proves the savings and high content reuse percentages possible with DITA's structured, topic-based architecture. Mark is a contributing author of DITA 101 Second Edition by the Rockley Group. His DITA metrics model was a JoAnn Hackos-Rare Bird Award 2009 Competitor.

Mark manages the DITA Metrics LinkedIn group. He has presented on technical writing, DITA, ROI and object oriented design topics at Intelligent Content, DITA North America, STC, and other national conferences. He and John Hunt co-chaired the OASIS DITA for the Web subcommittee. He has received Society for Technical Communication (STC) awards for Distinguished Chapter Service and the Florida Technical Communications Competition. Mark is the DITA Product Manager for Usability and a product evangelist for Quark.

Scott Abel

The Content Wrangler
Scott Abel
Scott Abel (, aka The Content Wrangler, is an internationally recognized content management strategist and social networking choreographer whose strengths lie in helping global organizations improve the way they author, maintain, and deliver information. In addition to his popular business blog,, an online resource for content professionals with an interest in content management, content standards, and content technologies, Scott maintains several online communities on Facebook ( and Linkedin (, and is a popular and influential technology blogger on Twitter (@scottabel).

He also manages the social networking activities for several software and services firms in the high technology and digital mobile publishing arenas. Scott writes regularly for trade and industry publications, blogs, and newsletters. He also co-produces several content industry events, including the Web Content conference in Chicago ( and Intelligent Content conference ( in Palm Springs, CA. He’s also a popular dance music mashup artist, dj, and music producer who has been spinning since 1982.

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