Mike Stevens leads a group of content strategists and the technical documentation writers for the Global Content team, part of Global Design in Global Products and Experience, at PayPal.

Mike has been writing and managing writers in successful high tech companies for 15 years. Since joining PayPal in 2003, Mike has written for and supported writers working in the Marketplaces, Merchant, Risk, Reporting, and Checkout business units. Before joining PayPal, he created end user and technical documentation for Deltanet, SupportSoft, and various start-ups around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mike has a degree in Literature from the University of Houston. He is deeply passionate about music, literature, film, baseball, and basketball. And zombies.

Janet Isadore

Janet Isadore
Janet Isadore leads PayPal’s Global Content team, part of User Experience and Design at PayPal. She supports the work of more than 100 web writers, technical writers, editors, linguists, and program managers responsible for writing and localizing the product content on the PayPal web sites around the world.

Before joining PayPal in 2006, Janet worked in publishing. She started in academic book publishing for the University of California, and then moved to technical publishing for high-tech companies in the Silicon Valley. She participated in development of tech publishing from the days of troff and UNIX man pages, through work with Ascend Communications, a company that supplied the equipment used by many of the early internet access providers such as AOL, earthlink, and uunet. After Ascend, she worked in training and technical publishing for Lucent Technologies. Publishing web content for PayPal brings together her passion for building and supporting global teams and participating in the evolution of publishing and technology.

Janet has a BA in Asian Studies from Wellesley College and a MA in Journalism from University of California, Berkeley.

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