Lavacon Program

Saturday, Nov. 12

8:00–4:00pmAnnual Community Service Day
Habitat for Humanity

1:00–3:00pPrivate Tour, Texas Advanced Computing Center
Approaching its fourth anniversary on Feb. 4, 2012, TACC’s Ranger supercomputer remains one of the top computing platforms in the world, ranked as #17 on the Top500 list. The system has completed more than two million jobs with 97 percent uptime. More than 3,000 researchers have used Ranger to support societally impactful science such as emergency simulations of the Gulf oil spill; helping to produce the first models of the H1N1 virus; enabling the clearest picture yet of how mantle convection operates on a global scale and how it causes earthquakes; helping predict the storm surge from Hurricane Ike; and enabling insights into biofuels and solar photovoltaic cells.
3:30–6:30pTeambuilding Workshop
Iron Chef Cooking Class
Whole Foods Culinary Center
7:00–9:00pBBQ Restaurant Crawl
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9:00–Live Music Progression
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Sunday, Nov. 13

All DaySpecial Adobe Event Free, open to the public.
See the Preliminary Program for details
Registration and breakfast at 7:30am, program starts at 8:00
MadCap Peer Showcase
Free, open to the public
See the Preliminary Program for details
Starts at 9am
1:00–5:00peBooks: Distributing and Monetizing Content Created with Adobe TCS 3.5
Matt Sullivan, Roundpeg
Free, open to the public.

Optional Pre-Conf Workshops
From User Requirements to DITA in Four Hours or Less
Bernard Aschwanden, Publishing Smarter
Creating User Assistance for Mobile Applications
Joe Welinske, WritersUA
Critical Project Management Skills for Content Developers
Bonni Graham, Scantron
Sharon Burton, Content Strategist
Managing Content Management Initiatives
Joe Gollner, Gnostyx Research
Creating Visual User Assistance With Captivate 5.5
Neil Perlin, Hyper/Word Services
(cont.)Seven Steps to DITA Adoption Across the Enterprise
Don Day, Learning by Wrote, OASIS DITA Technical Committee
Michael Boses, Research, OASIS DITA for Enterprise Business Documents Subcommittee
5:00–7:00p Content Strategy Meetup
Hosted by Austin CS Meetup
7:00– Karaoke Tweetup
Hosted by WebWorks
Location: Maria Maria Restaurant, 415 Colorado Street at 8th (just three blocks from the conference hotel)

Monday, Nov. 14

7:00–8:00aContinental Breakfast
Registration and Exhibit Area Open
8:00–10:00aThe New Communication Paradigm: Smart Content, Social Engagement and Mobile Devices
Moderator: Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler
Panelists: Tom Aldous, David Ashton, Joe Gollner, Daniel Odio
tracksProject Management User Experience Content StrategyGlobalizationMobile & Social Engagement
10:15–11:15aThe Edge for Project Success: Leadership Skills to Deliver
Through Teams

Andrea Ames, IBM
Developing a Global Language: When Words are Not Enough
Alan Porter, 4Js Group
Who Cares About
your Content?

Corey Ganser, MindTouch
Managing the Localization Lifecycle
Diane Gaskill, Hitachi Data Systems
Help 2.0: Welcome to the New World
Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler
11:15–12:30pLunch and Vendor Demos
12:30–1:30pThe Content Revolution
Joe Gollner, Gnostyx Research
1:45–2:45pWhat Makes Nimble Organizations Work?
Clay Spinuzzi, University of Texas
You Can’t Connect with Customers if You Don’t Know Who They Are
Joan Lasselle, Lasselle-Ramsay, Inc.
Designing an Infrastructure to Support the Publishing Lifecycle
Julio Vazquez, SDI Corp
Developing a Global Content Strategy
that Works

Bill Swallow, LinguaLinx
Content Marketing: Combining Search, Social & Quality Content
Arnie Kuenn, Vertical Measures
3:00–4:00pAgile and Technical
Content Development

Panel Discussion
Jean-Luc Mazet, HP, Bonni Graham, Scantron
When Worlds Collide: Improving the User Experience by Applying Progressive Information Disclosure
Andrea Ames, IBM
Small Steps to Content Strategy
Neil Perlin,
Hyper/Word Services
Written Voice Unification Processes for Content Standardization
Jonathan Slaughter, SDL
How to Unleash the Communities Hiding in Mobile Apps
Daniel Odio, Socialize, Inc
4:15–5:15pOvercoming Cultural Resistance to Single
Source Authoring

Steven Laine, TechProse
Designing a UCD-Based Online and Mobile User Experience
Jay Tkachuk
Security Service, FCU
Developing a Tech Comm Content Strategy
Sarah O’Keefe, Scriptorium
Global-ready Content NOW!
Val Swisher, Content Rules
Deploying Mobile
User Assistance

David Waghalter, Symantec Corporation

Tuesday, Nov. 15

7:30–8:00aContinental Breakfast -- Registration and Exhibit Area Open
8:00–9:00aThe Content Strategy Paradox
Rahel Bailie, Intentional Design
tracksProject ManagementUser ExperienceContent StrategyGlobalizationMobile & Social Engagement
9:15–10:15aUsing Your Existing HATs to Respond to Evolving Customer Content Needs

Michael Hamilton, MadCap Software

Planning for Accessibility
Char James-Tanny, JTF Associates, Inc.
Understanding the Potential of Content through the Content Lifecycle
Rahel Bailie, Intentional Design
Managing Localization Projects: Going Global Without Going Insane
Michael Meinhardt, Cloudwords, Inc.
Publishing in a New Media Landscape
Liz Pohland, Society for Technical Communication
10:30–11:30aDouble Trouble: Adding Developer Docs to Your Deliverables
Mary Connor, ASI
Nicky Bleiel, ComponentOne

Diverse, Understandable, Human: Creating Content for Everyone

Char James-Tanny, JTF Associates, Inc.

The Content Life Cycle:
A Strategic Compass for People, Products and Technology

Mollye Barrett, ClearPath

The Top 10 XML-Related Issues for Localization
Jean-Luc Mazet, HP

HTML5: The Next
Internet Gold Rush

Peter Lubbers, Kaasing
11:30–12:30pLunch and Vendor Demos
12:30–1:30pBrown Dirt User Experience: Putting Innovation Into Action at the Ground Level
Adam Polansky, Director of Information Architecture and UX Analysis,
1:45–2:45pStrategies to Manage Your Business Processes for Technical Communications
Suzanne Mescan, Vasont Systems
Controlled Language: Making It Work for You
Moving to Component Content Management
Liz Fraley, Single Sourcing
In-country Review of Translations: Underlying Mines and Added Value
Alex Lik, A-CLID

Introduction to Video Editing
Joe Welinske, WritersUA
3:00–4:00pRisk Management for Globalization Projects
Vanessa Wilburn, IBM

Managing Content Quality in a Distributed Environment
Kent Taylor,
Jennifer Beaupre, Acrolinx

Case Study: Moving from Book-Based to
Topic-Based Authoring

Kelly Shortt, Christi Thompson, CORPTAX
Automating Translation Management and
Locale-Specific Builds

Brad Keller, ComponentOne

Producing Quality How-To Videos for Social Media Publication
Bonni Graham, Scantron

4:15–5:15pCase Study: How a Global Team Released
the Adobe FrameMaker 10 Reviewer's Guide

Bernard Aschwanden, Publishing Smarter
Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! How a Tech Pubs Team Took Ownership of Their Company’s Tech Support User Forum
Michael Torok, SolarWinds
The Content Maturity Model: The Evolution
of Product Content

Andrew Thomas, SDL
Three Hats of EN 15038 Certification: Vendor, Buyer, Auditor
Alex Lik, A-CLID

Designing Content for Dynamic Output to Social Media
Liz Fraley, Single Sourcing
5:30–6:30pSDL North American Globalization Challenge
See or the conference program for more details.

Wednesday, Nov. 16

7:30–8:00aContinental Breakfast
tracksProject ManagementUser ExperienceContent StrategyGlobalizationMobile & Social Engagement
8:00–9:00aGeneral Session
Matt Hauser, Vice President of Technology Solutions,
9:15–10:15aDocumenting Business Processes
Rachel Houghton, Sage Software

Jackie Damrau, T-Mobile

The Perfect CMS: Brass Ring, or Unattainable Goal?
Rhyne Armstrong, RouteMatch Software
Why I Left my CMS…and How I Did It!
Mary Connor, Advanced Solutions International
Pulling Localization Upstream
Kit Brown-Hoekstra, Comgenesis
Shepherding the Development of
Community-Generated Content

Janet Swisher, Mozilla
10:30–11:30aCharting a Course to Personal and Professional Fulfillment
Meryl Natchez, TechProse
Lightning Talks
Multiple Speakers
The Top 10 Mistakes Companies Make when Moving to Topic-Based Authoring
Sharon Burton, Content Strategist
Managing Translations in FrameMaker DITA without a Content Management System
Mollye Barrett, ClearPath
Customer Retention Through Better Help Documentation
Jesse Wiles, Quadralay

11:30–12:45pCreating a Global Content Value Chain
Dmitri Ragano, Director of Internet Applications and Social Media Herbalife
1:00 –2:00Document Retention, eDiscovery, and You
Dr. Johnette Hassell, Electronic Evidence Retrieval
Creating Effective User Experience Surveys
Elisa Miller, GE Healthcare
Converting Unstructured Docs to XML/DITA/EPUB

Linda Morone and Mark Gross, Data Conversion Labs
How to Create an Authoring Infrastructure that Supports 24/7 Global Content Development
Emmelyn Wang, Virtual Bridges
Seven Key Mobile Usability Guidelines You Need to Implement Now
Marta Rauch, Oracle
2:15–3:15pClosing Session
Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler
3:30–5:30pMindTouch Event
Free, open to the public.
Smart Content: The Right Message to the Right Customer at the Right Time
Amanda Cross, ExactTarget and Damien Howley, MindTouch
Webworks Publisher Event
Free, open to the public.
Doc-to-Help Event
Free, open to the public.
How to Write English for an International Audience
Val Swisher, Content Rules

Thursday and Friday, Nov. 17 and 18

Kaazing, the leading authority in global training of HTML5 and WebSocket technology, is hosting a two-day HTML5 training course immediately after LavaCon and is offering a special discount to LavaCon attendees.

To register, see