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Build a Business Case to Attend

Need to build a business case to attend LavaCon?

Start by reading the Intercom magazine article How to Build a Business Case by Jack Molisani and Bonni Graham.


Start building your business case by listing all the problems you are facing in your job and how those situations cost your company money.

Then print the conference schedule and highlight all the sessions you feel will address those problems.

Next, invite your boss to attend as well. Our 2009 program has plenty of sessions and workshops that will appeal to upper management:

  • Overcoming Resistance to Change
  • Measuring Project Performance
  • The Difference Between Management and Leadership
  • Risk Management for Fast-Changing Projects
  • More

Have a problem with conflicting priorities or resource allocation? Highlight the people management sessions that will help you in your job:

  • Facilitating Conflict Resolution
  • Overcoming Office Politics
  • Honing your Workplace Negotiation Skills
  • More

Want to keep up with the latest tool, trends and technologies? Attend:

  • No- and Low-cost Collaboration Tools
  • Microsoft Project, Program and Portfolio Management Tools
  • From Rough Notes to DITA Output in 75 Minutes or Less
  • More

Considering XML or Content Management? Don't miss:

  • Is XML Right for You?
  • Using Help Authoring Tools as a CMS
  • Content Management: No Mystery!
  • More

Does your company translate user documentation? What you'll learn in just one of the following sessions or workshops will save your company far more than what it costs to attend the conference:

  • Understanding and Leveraging the Content Lifecycle
  • How to Save Big Bucks on Translation and Localization Projects:
    Best Practices and Lessons Learned
  • More

Is your company looking for ways to reduce training costs? Attend:

  • Developing Effective Training for Intangible Products
  • How to Save Big Bucks on Translation and Localization Projects:
    Best Practices and Lessons Learned
  • Moving from Knowledge-Based Training to Competency-Based Training
  • More

Want to know how other companies are handling the same problems you are experiencing? Attend one of the many case studies offered this year:

  • Adobe AIR Help for Next-Generation Applications
  • Developing Effective Training for Intangible Products
  • Using a Database to Track Historical Data and Estimate Projects
  • More

Include comments from previous attendees in your business case. While you may not make thousands of dollars more in future negotiations as a result of attending as one attendee did, chances are that the data offered in the 40+ sessions and workshops offered at LavaCon will make you better informed and more productive, in the long run saving your company much more than the cost of attending.

Compare the cost of LavaCon to other conferences. Tuition is comparable, and you can reserve your conference hotel room for only $185/night—that's less than the hotels at last year's STC Annual Conference and the PMI Global Congress!

Have you been working long hours? Back-to-back deadlines? Due any comp time? Mention to your boss that you have been contributing far above-and-beyond a normal 40 hour work week, and that attending the conference will not only result in the cost savings you outlined in the first part of your business case, but it will also pay back some of that comp time you have accrued.

Is your boss still not convinced? Email or or call me at 888-378-2333 and I will put him/her in touch with managers who have sent people to previous LavaCons so they can speak manager-to-manager about the value of attending.


Good luck, and see you you in October!

Jack Molisani
Executive Director
The LavaCon Conference



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